So excited to announce the launch of my program Diet Overhaul!

What is this program all about?
Everywhere we look there are new fad diets – Atkins, Paleo, Raw Food, and an assortment of others. It seems like there is a new “superfood” daily and all of the research is conflicting.

I was there, this was my life! All I wanted to do was lose those last few pounds, but NOTHING was working.

If you are looking to lose those last 5-10 pounds or need more energy, the diet overhaul is for you!

Small tweaks and changes from a certified holistic health coach who has an outsider’s perspective can make a huge impact in helping you achieve your goals.

Getting started is simple. All you need to do is fill out a brief questionnaire and track your food and liquid intake for two weeks. Once you have completed your food diary, you will email it directly to me ( I will respond with an assessment of your daily nutrition and provide new food and meal suggestions. I will provide quick tips for long lasting improvements and health strategies that really work. All feedback will be tailored to help you achieve your personal goals.

What you may experience
Weight loss 5-10 pounds
Increase of energy (no afternoon slump!)
Enhancement of skin appearance
Decrease of bloating
Improved mental clarity – able to focus better on daily tasks
Reduction or elimination of sugar cravings
Headaches, minor pains may disappear
Sleeping straight through the night

Whats you will receive
Overall health questionnaire to allow feedback to be customized and tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle
14 Day Electronic Food Journal with examples
Assessment of eating habits
New food and meal suggestions
Quick tips for long lasting improvements
Healthy Strategies that really work
Snack List
Open email communication to answer any questions upon recieving Diet Overhaul assessment

I am sure you are all wondering HOW DO I SIGN UP? Click the Paypal link below to get started!

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