Diet Overhaul

Do you feel stuck? Are you confused about what foods to eat or which new diet to follow?

Everywhere we look there are new fad diets – Atkins, Keto, Paleo, Raw Food, and an assortment of others. It seems like there is a new “superfood” daily and all of the research is conflicting. 

I was there, this was my life! I was consumed with food, but truly didn’t know the basic principles for maintaining true health and balance.

Learning basic nutrition and making small changes to your routine can truly empower you achieve your goals. Let me provide education and new knowledge to help inspire you in the kitchen to make the healthy changes you need to live a balanced lifestyle.

Getting started is simple! Message me for details.

What you’ll get:

• Electronic Food Journal
• New knowledge of healthy eating habits
• New ideas and inspiration for long lasting improvements
• Healthy Strategies that really work
• 30-minute one-on-one health coaching session via phone