10-Day Detox with Food

What is this detox all about?

This is a FOOD cleanse so you will be enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

We will be eliminating all processed foods, animal products, sugar, soy, dairy, gluten, caffeine and alcohol. Sounds like a lot, right? It’s really not as scary as it sounds. During the cleanse, you will get to enjoy most of the foods you eat on a daily basis, such as rice, lentils, quinoa, beans, fruit, vegetables, hummus, nut butters and steel cut oatmeal.

I will be supporting you the entire time! I will be here for motivation and coaching throughout the detox, starting with a kick off call before the detox starts. I will be available for any questions that come up and provide email support throughout the 10 days.

What you may experience

• Weight loss of 5-10 pounds
• Increase of energy (no afternoon slump!)
• Enhancement of skin appearance
• Decrease of bloating
• Improved mental clarity – able to focus better on daily tasks
• Headaches, minor pains may disappear
• Sleeping straight through the night
• Rid body of toxins
• Reduction/Elimination of cravings

What the 10 days will look like?

  • Connector.

    Days 1-3

    • Excitement as you begin your journey and learn about delicious whole foods.

    • You will be cooking new recipes and trying new foods. You will be inspired in the kitchen.

  • Connector.

    Days 4-7

    • You will start to feel positive changes!
    • Learn about nourishing the whole mind, body and soul. The foods we eat are only part of the equation for healthy living.

  • Connector.

    Days 8-10

    • You will feel like a NEW YOU!

  • Connector.

    Days 11-12

    • It is very likely that whatever indulgences you enjoyed only 10 days ago no longer appeal to you.
    • You may even have a new attitude or “swagger” towards the foods that you put into your body. This is wonderful news!!!
    • We will also work together to slowly re-introduce our “old” foods back in our diets. You may even uncover food intolerances which were holding you back from feeling like your best self.

Whats Included?

• Kick-off conference call during which we will go over all of the details of the cleanse, how to prepare, and I’ll even answer all the questions you have.
• Program packet containing all the information regarding how to detox, why we detox, and supporting information answering all your questions.
• 1-on-1 personal support during and post cleanse
• Self Care Techniques
• Daily Check List
• Smoothie list
• Over 50+ recipes
• All the resources to do this detox over and over again in the future.
• Access to private FB group (*when I run group detoxes)
• Plus! Unlimited email support from myself throughout the program.

As a thank you I always extend an invitation to past detox clients to participate in all future group detox programs!