I am done working out…… this year!

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I am officially done working out for 2018!! Yes, you read that correctly….. but hang on let me explain.

Over the last 15 years I have worked out in so many ways. I have done the 6 days a week sometimes 2 classes a day, tried every new boutique workout from spin, barre, yoga, pilates, TRX to boot camps. I have changed gyms to put myself in a new “inspiring” atmosphere, signed up for 5k’s and even ran my fair share of half marathons. But guess what?! I NEVER stuck with anything. I would find a routine I liked and stick with it for a few months then I would fall back off the wagon. Then the cylce would repeat over and over.

However, I am proud to stay I have been consistent with my workout routine for the past 3 YEARS and am still going strong! I have found something incredible that works for me but I actually put a time limit on it. I do this to prevent my mind from getting burnt out.

Come the new year I sit down and choose a few workout goals to put on my vision board (yes I have one, its hanging on my bedroom wall so I see it every single day). One of these goals is to complete three 12 week rounds of at home circuit workouts. So thats a commitment of 36 weeks of constant workouts 4 days per week. Life happens, people get sick, schedules become hectic so the 36 weeks usually stretches out, but come Oct/Nov I complete all rounds.

That being said as of Thursday October 18th I am officially done working out!!!

Do I really “stop” working out….. yes and no. I do not maintain a strict workout schedule 4 days a week, but I do stay very active. I take this time to do what I love and try new things. Maybe a hike with friends, going horseback riding, trying a new workout studio, kick boxing, orange theory etc.

The holidays are coming and its a time to enjoy moments with family and I love that my balanced life style allows me to do just that.

In the end DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! You don’t have to go, go, go 12 months a year, 6 days a week, year after year because even the biggest fitness buff will get burnt out. Listen to your body and allow yourself to take some time off. I personally find I am SO much more inspired come the new year and push myself that much harder as I am completely physically and emotionally recharged.

A healthy lifestyle is about balance and consistency not perfection. I hope this post inspires you to give yourself a break sometimes and treat yourself with kindness but continue to challenge yourself at the same time.

Heres to finishing out my year with fun, playful, energizing new workouts!

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