The Best Afternoon Snack!

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Apple Snack

Fall is in the air! I never want to rush summer, but there is just something about that crisp air that makes my soul happy.

As seasons begin to change so should our eating. Eating with the season helps us support our local farmers not to mention its great for our wallets, but did you know seasonal produce actually retains more nutrients than their counterparts? Which is a huge benefit to our overall health.

I recently went to Artifact Coffee (if you are from the Baltimore, Maryland area and haven’t been to this little cafe yet it is a MUST) and was inspired to recreate one of their dishes during apple picking season.

This simple snack is packed full of nutrients, keeps the belly satisfied and is just so good you will likely lick the plate.

  • Spoon natural peanut butter on a plate
  • Top with a sliced apple
  • Drizzle with local honey
  • Finish with a sprinkle of granola (my favorite brand is Purely Elizabeth)

PS. This is even toddler approved so major mom/dad win!

Hope you enjoy :)




3 Comments on “The Best Afternoon Snack!”

  1. Heather Bennett

    So I tried purely elizabeth granola after seeing your post and am now OBSESSED! My husband asks for it now too. We must go through a couple bags a week and are now ordering by the case. Thank you for such a good recommendation!

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