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These are a few of my favorite things…seriously who loves The Sound of Music? Every time I think about this post I hum the song and pretend I am Julie Andrews haha!

I am constantly changing up my skin care routine and trying new less toxic products so I wanted to share a few of my favorite go to items.

Have you noticed all the attention on healthier self care lately? Even Congress is taking notice!!! Its about time. I mean how heart breaking and upsetting is it that many toxic chemicals are allowed in our make up and skin care products? How is this even possible?  But we can all make our homes less toxic by making simple healthier swaps. My favorite website is EWG Skin Deep where you can type in the name of any product and it will provide a safety rating based on its ingredients. I use this site a lot of my girls and especially sun screens. If you start anywhere start on the products you use daily, or that cover the largest surface area leading to more absorption (deodorants, lotions, toothpaste, soap etc).


Aluminum, synthetic fragrances and chemicals can all be found in our deodorants. Scary! Aluminum along can be associated with breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, bone disorders, kidney problems and more. There are so many healthy options available that REALLY work! I recommend trying a few different brands to see which you prefer. These are my 2 personal favorites that work well for everyday use and even when working out.


Face Cleansers

If you watched my Facebook live skin care video you know I use a different cleanser in the shower. However for the days I shower in the morning but still need to wash my face before bed I love SW. Basics.  I love their entire product line, as everything is made from very few simple organic ingredients and they really work. Plus they can be found in Target- WIN! I dab some of this cleanser on a cotton ball to wash my face then rinse with water before starting my nightly routine. Simple & effective.




Anti-aging and anti-wrinkles are topics consuming every magazine and every beauty blog. Many contain unsafe or unregulated ingredients leaving us without many options. I recently came across REN skincare and loved what they represent.  Vegan & cruelty free as well as a clean skincare line which avoids toxic ingredients (no parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or petroleum. no synthetic colors or fragrances) but has high performance results using the best in plant and mineral derived bio-actives. I have been using the Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate Oil and the Instant Firming Beauty Shot. Neither are greasy and both are amazingly hydrating! PS. I got a small sample of the Moroccan Rose body wash and lotion and it smells incredible.

beauty shotren anti wrinkle


Lotions like soaps contain paragons, artificial colors and fragrances. Since the cover a large surface area once applied, the harmful chemicals are absorbed immediately into our systems. Making a swap to a healthier option even coconut oil or sesame oil is wonderful option (I put sesame oil in a spray bottle which makes it so much easier to apply).  As you may know I love the Yes To product line (which can be found at Target) and recently came across a spray lotion. Yes to Coconut is a lightweight spray lotion that leaves you with soft skin and smelling like a beach without that greasy residue.


What are your favorite skin care products?


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    I ordered online from their website. It was cheaper than amazon. Some Nordstroms and Sephoras do sell their products I believe.

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