Diet and exercise aren’t everything!

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Diet and exercise aren’t everything- yes you read that right! The key to long term success is finding true balance and happiness.

I have been helping individuals lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle for over a decade now but before that and even along the way I have uncovered a lot of secrets to true “health & wellness”.

  • Have I tried almost every diet out there…. yes!
  • Have I restricted foods…. yes!
  • Have I counted calories… yes!
  • Have I worked out 6 times a week sometimes taking 2 group fitness classes a day…. yes!
  • Have I spoken unkindly to myself in the mirror….. yes!
  • Have I been so consumed with food it controlled my life….. yes!
  • Have I binged on food….. yes!
  • Have I limited portion size…. yes!
  • Have I been consumed with the scale…. yes!

Anyone else ever feel this way too? We put our bodies through so much on a daily basis.

When I was living that lifestyle two things were prevalent.

  1. I wasn’t even at my “skinniest” weight.
  2. I was missing out on life. There was a point where I was so consumed with weight loss or altering my body that I missed really fun events because I didn’t want the temptation of a cocktail or that slice of birthday cake. I missed dinner with friends or lunches out with coworkers because I was trying a new diet. I missed parties and happy hours all by choice- but for what?

Looking back I realize that a health journey is truly that. One where you learn about yourself daily and find what truly works for you, as we are each unique individuals. But I can tell you this, tossing the scale (I haven’t weighed myself in 2 years) and choosing real foods (vs. low calorie or fat free options) and working out in ways I enjoyed (instead of forcing myself) allowed my fear of food to disappear. I began to truly love myself from the inside out! I treated my body with kindness and became proud of what it was capable of. And guess what- I am actually at my lowest weight ever living a balanced lifestyle.

Taking a step back and almost “unlearning” everything we are taught to believe about food is so FREEING! It allows you to make healthy changes based on what makes you feel your best! And removed the guilt when you enjoy a slice of pizza or the occasional ice cream cone.

So instead of focusing on all the negatives and set backs, look in the mirror and tell yourself 3 wonderful things about your life. Sign up for a new creative class, call an old friend or cook yourself a beautiful meal. Shift your focus to the positive things that make you smile. Fulfilling ourselves makes us whole. Take each day one by one allowing all the small changes to add up BIG. Consistency not perfection is key.

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