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Female Natural Skincare Healthy Cosmetic Treatment

Our skin is our largest organ so we need to be conscious of what we put on it. Think of your skin as a “coat” a barrier and production from the outside world. Our skin keeps us warm in the winter, cool in the summer and protects us from illness. Our skin handles a lot on a daily basis with pollution and every day chemicals that we have no control over. So keeping our skin care routine as natural as possible only helps keep the pores open and allows our skin to do its job and release the waste and toxins that have build up inside.

With more and more companies taking notice to the ingredients in their products there is a wide variety of more natural products to choose from on the shelves these days. Here are a few of my personal favorites but I am always changing and evolving as I learn about new products and new brands. Please note I am not 100% perfect but I do my best and try to do better with each and every purchase.

Check out my Facebook live video to see how I use these products in my skin care routine.

Makeup Remover
Egyptian Magic
Botanitcs USA

Nourish Orgaincs

Hydrating Face Mist
Beauty Counter Rose Water Spray

SW Basics
Say Yes to Tomatoes

Night Cream
Eminence Mango Night Cream
Egyptian Magic
Say Yes to Blueberries

Toms Fluoride Free

Beauty Counter
Bare Minerals
Honest Beauty

Shower Gel
Alba Bontantica

Body Lotion
Say Yes to Carrots
Local Farmers Market finds

Essential Oils
Oregano Oil

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