Top 5 Tips To Stay Healthy Over The Holidays

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The holidays tend to get the best of us. No matter how hard we try, we put so much pressure on ourselves each and every year. We do our very best but packed schedules and stressful days can lead to missteps that have us reach for something unheathy.

Here are some SIMPLE ways to enjoy a healthy happy holiday season. 

  1. Indulge and enjoy special events!! Yes I said indulge but….. do it on special occasions not every single day. Enjoy a cookie at a cookie swap and then give the rest away to a friend, have 1 glass of holiday egg nog but skip dessert that night, enjoy your grandmothers homemade bread but skip the fruity cocktail. Indulge during special occasions on the items you will enjoy 1x per year during the holidays and balance that out by enjoying veggies first. This will allow you to crowd out other unhealthy choices and not over indulge.
  2. S T R E S S!!! This is huge during the holidays but plays such a factor in our daily health. Take a few moments to yourself every morning or evening. Draw a bath and light a candle, give meditation a try, or write a few entries in your journal. Take time to recharge even if its only for 5 mins. A clear mind allows you to be present and take in the joy of the holiday season.
  3. Swap your dinner plate for a salad plate. So simple! This will allow you to enjoy the meal in front of you without over eating and keeping portion control in mind.
  4. Just move! Try a new boutique fitness class or take a local yoga class. Grab a friend and sign up for a holiday fun run or bundle up and take a walk with a friend or loved. I love taking a walk in the evening to see all the Christmas lights on display in our neighborhood.
  5. Hug Yourself. Its ok if you overeat one day, its ok if you miss a workout, its ok if you eat more than one cookie here and there. Give yourself a break and treat yourself with love and kindness. The next meal or following day just move forward and jump back on track. No guilt, no restrictions, no self loathing.

A little naughty, a little nice….. its all about BALANCE.

Remember your health comes first and thats the best gift of all.

Happy Holidays,



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