Sneak Peak: What I eat in a day!

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The number one question I hear is “What do you eat?”, so I thought I would give you a sneak peak of a typical day. Keep in mind every day is different in my house as I love to cook and am always whipping up new recipes. That being said I do keep 2 factors in mind throughout the day: I … Read More

What’s the deal with low calorie ice cream?

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ice cream

I am sure by now you have all seen those low calorie ice cream options in your local grocery store. I mean 270 calories for an entire pint? Sounds too good to be true right? Well it kind of is….. Brands are popping up everywhere to capitalize on this new trend, Arctic Zero, Halo even Breyer’s has a low calorie … Read More

Toddler Meal Ideas

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Feeding little ones is probably one of the most difficult job a parent has to do. You want to feed them the most nutritious and healthy meals but lets be honest days are chaotic and simple and easy is exactly what we need.  All kids go through that “picky” stage but I truly believe in leading by example. If my girls … Read More

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

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Healthy Addiction1

As many of you know I am always cooking. I would much prefer a home cooked meal over going out for a quick bite to eat. That being said I tend to use the same few gadgets over so I wanted to share! A berry colander! We actually picked up 2 of these years ago and they are one of … Read More

Top 5 Tips To Stay Healthy Over The Holidays

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healthy holidays

The holidays tend to get the best of us. No matter how hard we try, we put so much pressure on ourselves each and every year. We do our very best but packed schedules and stressful days can lead to missteps that have us reach for something unheathy. Here are some SIMPLE ways to enjoy a healthy happy holiday season.  Indulge … Read More

Healthy Skin Care Products

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Our skin is our largest organ so we need to be conscious of what we put on it. Think of your skin as a “coat” a barrier and production from the outside world. Our skin keeps us warm in the winter, cool in the summer and protects us from illness. Our skin handles a lot on a daily basis with … Read More


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healthy addiction welcome

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! Chai Tea, pumpkins, apples, the smell of cinnamon and cool weather just have me smiling all day. Some people wait until the New Year but personally once those windows open and I feel the cool breeze, its a fresh start for me. I get motivated to try new recipes, clean my entire … Read More

Lets go to lunch!

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Its cucumber season here in Maryland so that means creating new recipes using this incredible vegetable. That being said I have a toddler and new little bundle on the way so quick lunches around here are a must! This easy cucumber sandwich has been a recent favorite and I hope you love it too! 2 slices of whole wheat, or … Read More